Understanding Implicit Bias

By:  Nate Broadus, Catalyst Connection

Catalyst Connection is committed to creating pathways to employment in advanced manufacturing for underserved demographics.  Current events have underscored the need; now more than ever; for us to own our opportunity to be ‘conscious capitalists’.

In engaging those at a new place of employment, who may be very different from past colleagues or friends, it is important to be conscious of the biases that we, and they will bring to the space.  The Kirwan Institute at Ohio State University defines implicit bias as “the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.”

There are a myriad of resources related to implicit bias in America.  The ones that I find particularly compelling are the Kirwan Institute’s “Understanding Implicit Bias”, “Implicit Bias Training Series”, and the “Kirwan Institute x Mtv Bias Cleanse”. 

Additionally, the UCLA School of Equity Diversity and Inclusion offers a data driven curriculum via their Implicit Bias video series with a total running time of approximately 30 minutes.

Thank you for working with me to help create new, more equitable work places in manufacturing.  I am available to answer any further questions, as well as provide additional resources on preparing for a career in manufacturing.  Please feel free to check the links below for additional information.

 Do I have implicit bias?


Why is implicit bias important to consider in business?


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