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Sometimes the myriad of choices, options, and different pathways can seem overwhelming.  Whether you don’t know where to begin your journey, aren’t sure how to take the first step, or have barriers to employment you need help in overcoming, contact us to assist you on your career journey.

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    Meet Our Workforce Specialist

    Nate Broadus

    In his position as Workforce Specialist, Nate engages local job seekers, community organizations and employers via the Making Your Future Initiative to create new employment pathways for a more diverse workforce.

    Nate brings a proven track record of community and workforce development, and is a recent winner of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 Under 40 Award. Prior to joining Catalyst, Nate served as a business account manager for the Center for Employment Opportunities, and in 2018 helped 78 formerly incarcerated people achieve their employment dreams.


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    Resume Writing


    Interview Preparation


    Career Coaching

    Nate Broadus

    Nate Broadus

    Workforce Specialist

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