IMT Apprenticeship


Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Apprenticeship Program

The IMT apprenticeship program is a company led program where all apprentices are employees.
The IMT program helps entry-level workers in manufacturing quickly enhance their skills and advance within their current employer.

Due to changing Industry 4.0 technologies, entry-level workers require higher skill sets than prior years and employers are struggling recruit and train.

The IMT program is a state registered apprenticeship to help employers obtain the skilled workforce
they need and employees gain the competencies to succeed.

What is IMT?

This registered apprenticeship program is a hybrid approach providing production workers with the knowledge and competencies needed in the advanced manufacturing environment. A hybrid approach integrates time-based classroom training combined with competency-based skills.

 Registered apprenticeships utilize an “Earn and Learn” approach to building worker skills. The IMT is comprised of 2,736 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) from experienced mentors assigned by the employer and 264 hours of related technical instruction. All IMT apprentices are employees of a specific company, earning wages, benefits, and seniority while they learn new skills.


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Participating Companies

  • Accutrex Products, Inc.

  • BCI Steel

  • Benshaw

  • Better Edge

  • Brush GMS

  • Haemonetics

  • IGS Industries

  • JV Manufacturing Co., Inc.

  • O’Neal Manufacturing Services

  • Re:Build Manufacturing

  • Schroeder Industries


Key Features

  • Stackable apprenticeship that is a foundation for multiple career pathways
  • Easily adapted for different manufacturing contexts, different sized companies and different types of manufacturing schedules
  • Leads to industry-recognized credentials as well as college academic credits

On-The-Job Training (OJT)

OJT follows a competency-based model that utilizes the supervision of a training mentor as IMT apprentices are assigned tasks that build their skills and competencies in the full range of the production work cycle within their company. The OJT is delivered in accordance with a carefully developed training plan.

10 Compentencies: 

  1. Protect self and other workers from accidents and injuries
  2. Set-up production equipment to meet production specifications
  3. Operate production
  4. Produce quality product
  5. Interpret technical information
  6. Measure and inspect work using mechanical tools and testing equipment
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of routine equipment maintenance
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of inventory and material processes
  9. Demonstrate knowledge of trends and the current state of business
  10. Demonstrate continuous improvement

The Job Book allows for customization to each company’s specific systems.Each apprentice is assigned an experience skilled mentor who demonstrates new skills, observes and provides feedback on the apprentice’s performance of the skills and signs off on the date when the apprentice shows mastery of the demonstrated skills. When the employer determines the apprentice has mastered all of the skills and competencies in the Job Book, it is then reviewed before awarding the completion credential.


Related Technical Instruction

Apprentices must successfully 264 hours of classroom instruction.185 hours of the related instruction will be standard in the program and 79 hours will be left to the company to customize. The standard 185 hours of instruction include:

      • 4 Manufacturing Standard Skills Council (MSSC) Modules
          • Safety
          • Quality Practice & Measurement
          • Manufacturing Processes & Production
          • Maintenance Awareness
      • Other Technical Curriculum
          • Industrial Math for the Trades
          • Communication for the Trades
          • First Aid/CPR
          • OSHA 10
          • Train the Trainer
          • Lean Manufacturing 101
          • Interpersonal Skills
          • Practical Problem Solving
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