Jesse Eugene Russell: a History Maker in Technology

Jesse Eugene Russell born April 26, 1948 is currently the CEO of broadband wireless technology company incNetworks.  Mr. Russell was raised in the economically depressed, segregated inner city area of Nashville, TN where opportunities were limited, especially for young black men.  As a high school student, Jesse had the opportunity to attend a summer session at Fisk University, a historically black college and university (HBCU), and later majored in electrical engineering at Tennessee State, another HBCU.  While working at Bell Laboratories, he became not only the first HBCU grad to be hired by the company, but he was also became the first black Young Electrical Engineer of the Year in 1980.  Mr. Russell is widely credited as the inventor of the cell phone and mobile cloud computing, though he holds over 100 patents that have helped push broadband internet technology to the point that we know it today.

Photo Credit: Tennessee State University

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