Interviews Go Virtual

By: Hannah Kusenko, Catalyst Connection

During the current global pandemic many companies have implemented working from home wherever possible for the safety of their employees. What does that mean for potential new hires? Virtual interviewing. Sounds scary, but it shouldn’t be!

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the virtual interviewing process:

  • Check your technology prior to your interview. This includes your internet connection, microphone, and camera. Try out the platform that the video call will be hosted on prior to your interview. If possible.
  • Research the company prior to logging on and familiarize yourself with the job description. Look up the company on social media to see what is happening now. Write down some questions to ask the interviewer about the company and what you’ve seen online.
  • Be prepared! Treat a virtual interview just as you would an in person interview. Dress the part, introduce yourself professionally, have your resume on hand and most importantly – be yourself!
  • Find a quiet place in your house where distractions will be limited.
  • Don’t stare at yourself! It is human nature to stare at yourself while on a video chat, but try to limit doing so. Focus on the interviewer.
  • Put your phone on silent in the other room. You don’t want any distractions from your friends and family while interviewing. It’s hard to disconnect from your phone, but it is necessity during an interview.
  • Follow up afterwards. Send a thoughtful email to your interviewer soon after you have ended the call thanking them for the opportunity. This is a good time to touch on talking points that stuck out to you during the interview.

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