Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson

Applications Engineer; MECCO

What was your first job?

Sales Associate at Hot Topic

What do you do in your current role?

Applications Testing, Sample Marking, Material Testing, R&D for new products, Product Demonstrations

How/why did you begin your career in manufacturing?

I began my career in manufacturing through my internship with Mecco. I started doing research on Laser Welding to help further their knowledge on the process, as well as gain my internship credit for my undergraduate programs in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering. I went on to further this research for my Masters Thesis, and received my MS in Engineering Management in 2019. Throughout my internship, along with the research I was conducting, I had the opportunity to work on hands on applications as well, and found it was something I really enjoyed doing, and that I was a good fit in Mecco’s work culture. Once my internship ended Mecco hired me on full time as a Applications Engineer.     I chose the field of Manufacturing because I wanted to have a career that involved creating solutions and processes for real world problems.

What is your educational background?

Master’s Degree & Bachelor’s Degree

When you were in middle school/high school what sparked your interest in the manufacturing career pathway?

At my high school we had a big STEM program and they really pushed students to go to events and visit schools with large STEM programs. I have family who worked in Manufacturing and other engineering fields at the time, and I knew that they really enjoyed that, so I began going to some of the different STEM events that were centered around engineering and really enjoyed them.

What do you like most about your current position and work you are doing in manufacturing? 

My favorite part of my current position is the variety of work I get to do. Every day presents a learning opportunity for me.

What is the biggest thing that surprised you about manufacturing when you started working in the industry? 

Just how many industries and companies are impacted by manufacturing. Manufacturing is a part of nearly every company or product in some fashion.

What is your #1 piece of advice for young people to prepare for a successful future?

Just put yourself out there, and try out as many different experiences as you can. There are a wide variety of events, clubs, and competitions that fall under a wide variety of fields, spend the time in high school exploring and learning about as many as you can.

Why should someone consider a career in manufacturing?

Manufacturing encompasses a wide variety of different roles and paths, and is a part of nearly every industry. There are some many different avenues you can go down in manufacturing.

What is something you enjoy doing outside of work?

Hiking, paddle boarding, and spending time with my dogs.

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