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Explore manufacturing careers through a fun, mobile game! Test your spatial awareness by carving into cubes to match the plans in this 3D puzzle game. Think you’re pretty good at solving 3D puzzles? Put that assumption to the test in Cube Cut, a 3D puzzle game where you carve into cubes to try and match blueprints. Don’t mess up or else your cube gets scrapped and you have to start all over. Cube Cut starts out easy but gets more difficult as you rank up from trainee to apprentice and beyond. Customize your cube with crazy colors as you level up.

Challenging 3D puzzles

Addicting gameplay

3 difficulty levels

27 unique puzzles

Unlock crazy colors

Create your own custom levels

Cube Cut Plan Maker

 Explore these plans made by players like you! Save to your phone to import into to the game.

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