Industrial Maintenance Technician

What They Do

Repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems. May also install, dismantle, or move machinery and heavy equipment according to plans.

Replace worn, damaged, or defective mechanical parts

Maintain work equipment or machinery

Repair worn, damaged, or defective mechanical parts

Disassemble equipment in operation to detect potential problems

Test mechanical equipment to ensure proper functioning 


High school diploma or equivalent
On-the-job training

Median Income


Skills Needed

Repairing machines or systems using the right tools

Planning and doing the basic maintenance on equipment.

Watching gauges, dials, or display screens to make sure a machine is working.

Figuring out what is causing equipment, machines, wiring, or computer programs to not work.

Using equipment or systems.

Testing how well a product or service works

Abilities Needed

Holding or moving items with your hands

Keeping your arm or hand steady

Quickly moving your hand, finger, or foot based on a sound, light, picture or other command

Putting together small parts with your fingers

Quickly changing the controls of a machine, car, truck or boat

Using your arms and/or legs together while sitting, standing, or lying down

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