Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

The Greater Pittsburgh region’s strong history as a center of steel, aluminum, and titanium has resulted in advanced manufacturing capabilities in primary metals, metals fabrication, machinery, and other components of a metals manufacturing sector. The region remains one of the highest concentrated in the country in primary metals, with employment that is 4-times more concentrated than the rest of the nation. It is also a major force in U.S. exports, with $2.1 billion in primary metals exported each year, making Pittsburgh the 6th largest metal exporting city in the country. Moreover, the integration of metals manufacturing with the advanced materials manufacturing sector, which is also highly concentrated in jobs compared to the U.S. (for example, ceramics, glass, and coatings), the Pittsburgh metals-materials linkage has become a foundation of American industry.

The metals and materials sector in the Greater Pittsburgh region stretches from Pittsburgh to Johnstown, PA and to Morgantown, WV, a community with a population of just under 3 million people, and 1600 firms with 63,000 well-paying jobs. Our strong history as a center of metals continues today with exceptional supplier networks; world class research facilities; rich and abundant energy resources; a robust system of river, rail and road infrastructure; and demonstrated success in public-private partnerships.

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