Job Posting – 07.02.20.

Manufacturing companies in our region are hiring!  
Check out the listings below for a sample of the career opportunities available in our region.

To learn about other manufacturing companies in your region, see our searchable map.  
You can also look at a map of local training programs.  Or, contact Nate for one-on-one career coaching.

Job Listings:

5 Generations Bakers
Available Position(s): Finishing Department Production Worker

Ace Wire Spring
Available Position(s):Shipping and Receiving, CNC Machine Operator, Sales Engineer

Butler Technologies
Available Position(s): Finishing Operator, Screen Maker, Screen Printer

Chelsea Building Products
Available Position(s): Maintenance Technician, Production Technician, Tool and Die Maker, and many more

DMI Companies
Available Position(s): Electrician, Truck Driver, Maintenance Technician, Production Worker

IGS Industries
Available Position(s): Machinist

Available Position(s): Machine Operator, Mechanical Assembler, Electromechanical Assembler, and many more

Available Position(s): Sales Engineer

Oberg Industries
Available Position(s): CNC Specialist

Tudi Mechanical Systems
Available Position(s): Commercial Electrical Sales, HVAC Technician, Warehouse Helper, and many more

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