Begin an Apprenticeship



high school diploma/GED or certificate after high school usually needed

Median Income


What They Do

Set up, test, and adjust manufacturing machinery or equipment, using any combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or computer technologies.

  • Set up and verify the functionality of safety equipment.
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance.
  • Calibrate or adjust equipment to ensure quality production, using tools such as calipers, micrometers, height gauges, protractors, or ring gauges.

Skills Needed

  • keeping track of how well people and/or groups are doing in order to make improvements
  • thinking about the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem
  • noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it
  • thinking about the pros and cons of different options and picking the best one

Abilities Needed

  • listen and understand what people say
  • communicate by speaking
  • keep your arm or hand steady
  • hold or move items with your hands
  • notice when problems happen
  • use rules to solve problems

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