Develop Leaders

Expand the Potential of Individuals

Catalyst Connection’s Manufacturing Academy can help manufacturing managers and supervisors obtain the skills they need to keep employees productive, motivated, and happy!

A common theme to successful manufacturing companies are strong leaders at every level of the organization. Catalyst Connection has expanded its leadership training to offer comprehensive programs that can match the experience and needs of each individual. The content includes world-renowned materials from developers like Development Dimensions International (DDI) with a manufacturing focus.


Essential Leadership Skills

Participants in the Leadership Essentials course will learn how to support ambitious change efforts, address poor performers, develop employees using developmental feedback, and improve the organization’s overall culture. In addition to meeting as a group, participants will receive up to three hours of one-on-one coaching, to be used as needed, with certified leadership instructors via in-person meetings, phone calls or email.


Emerging Leaders in Manufacturing

The Emerging Leader in Manufacturing (ELM) Program is suggested for any person in a manufacturing company who has been identified as a candidate for a manufacturing management career. Employees in this program are likely already leading others in a formal or informal role and have 5-10 years of professional work experience.


Tactical Leadership Skills

Participants will have access to skill sustainability resources including: micro lessons, manager guides, develop accelerators, mobile learning. Each participant in Catalyst Connection Trainings & Events will receive ten hours of one-on-one coaching to focus on specific and individual needs to achieve leadership growth.