Opportunities for Employers and Manufacturers

Making Your Future — And Building a Workforce

Making Your Future just got easier for manufacturing employers to attract job seekers and keep good employees. This allows these companies to fill open positions and take advantage of the growth opportunities.

The top concern of manufacturing companies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio is finding skilled workers to fill current and future open positions. The aging workforce will make this need even greater over the next ten years. A great resource for this new workforce are makers. The term, maker, refers to anyone who likes to create something new. Makers enjoy working with their hands and solving problems. That drive within a person to make often aligns with a career in manufacturing.

This website can help manufacturing companies attract job seekers and encourage them to get the training and skills needed to be productive employees.

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Create a Culture

Creating a desirable work environment is critical to attracting top talent. Discover resources to assist in developing into an employer of choice.
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Host an Apprenticeship

Manufacturing Apprenticeships provide viable pathways to long-term career success while developing the advanced skills required by manufacturers today.
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Find Employees
Post current job openings where job seekers can easily find them and apply.
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Develop Leaders

Catalyst Connection’s Manufacturing Academy can help manufacturing managers and supervisors obtain the skills they need to keep employees productive, motivated, and happy!
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Engage Your Community

Developing a successful workforce pipeline begins with being engaged in your community.
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