Goals of the Partnership

Maker Skills = Manufacturing Skills

Making Your Future is driven by the Greater Pittsburgh Metals Manufacturing Community to meet the need for 30,000 jobs over the next 10 years. This community has a strong foundation in the six pillars of a robust manufacturing cluster, and intends to build on these through collaboration and IMCP support:

Collaboration & Convenings

Conduct regular meetings, maintain an interactive web site, distribute outreach newsletters and other approaches to move this initiative forward.

Workforce and Training

Expand apprenticeships, internships, and community college offerings for high-skilled, high-wage metals jobs, particularly for the unemployed, under-employed and disadvantaged populations of the region.

Supplier Network

Provide market and product development support, along with operational improvements and growth oriented patient capital. 

Research & Innovation

Leverage the vast innovation resources of academic and research institutions.

Infrastructure & Site Development

Target transportation infrastructure & brownfields redevelopment resources toward the redevelopment of former manufacturing sites as the places for new, advanced metals and related manufacturing.

Trade & International Investment

Work to further expand international markets. 

Operational Improvement and Capital Access

Build upon our excellent network of banks and investment firms who actively support the manufacturing sector, focusing on “projection based” capital particularly for firms seeking smaller but critical investments.