Statistics & Studies

Manufacturing Employement Demand Study

Catalyst Connection initiated the “Making Your Future Manufacturing Employment Demand Study” to support manufacturing job growth in Southwestern Pennsylvania and to better understand the current and projected demand for workers and the skill sets sought after by the regions’ employers. Key goals of the study were to determine if there is an increased need for: investments in workforce development, improvements in immediate employability skills, change in perceptions of manufacturing careers, and improved employer practices to attract and retain a skilled and qualified workforce. The Employment Demand Study was conducted during the period of May – June, 2018. Download the Full Report.

2018 Manufacturing Scorecard

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and Catalyst Connection releases the 2019 Manufacturing Scorecard for southwestern Pennsylvania that shows the regional impact of manufacturing. Download the Summary or the Full Report

Inflection Point

Our regional workforce will need to grow and upskill in order to be globally competitive.  Allegheny Conference’s Inflection Point changed the conversation in the region and is a galvanizing point for how educational institutions and businesses are planning for the future.