Making Your Future is a new initiative to help thousands of people find a career in manufacturing.

Like the growing Maker Movement, a career in manufacturing often requires creativity, technical skills and a desire to see a task completed to the best of your ability.

Making Your Future was developed by the Greater Pittsburgh Metals Manufacturing Community (a partnership of government, university, industry, workforce and economic development organizations). This initiative seeks to boost metals manufacturing businesses and jobs in a way that will strengthen the local economy and continue to make so many of the great products that are needed by people across the world.

people working in one of 2,829 manufacturing companies

the average salary of employees making products delivered around the world

new manufacturing workers needed to fill current and new vacancies

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CNC Operator




Making Your Future

…Not Just a Living


Boring desk jobs are a thing of the past. Innovation, creativity, and authenticity are the new way of life! Today’s manufacturing jobs are high-tech, innovative, and high-paying.

Making Your Future

…And Building a Workforce


While manufacturing is booming, a forward-thinking, highly-skilled, and creative workforce is needed to drive regional manufacturing success into the next decade. Connecting to our region’s creative talent is a must.

Making Your Future

…And Shaping Leaders


Manufacturing allows individuals to express themselves in a creative and artistic way. It requires hard work and creative problem solving.